5 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Your Annual Physical

You’re not alone if you’ve put off scheduling your annual physical. It’s easy to procrastinate going to the doctor’s office if you’re feeling fine without any concerns about your well-being. 

However, if you’re skipping your annual physical, you’re missing an important opportunity to focus your attention on disease prevention and screenings, which can make a difference in reducing your chances of illness at any stage of life. 

You’ll feel most at ease when you schedule your annual physical with a family medicine physician you trust. Daniel Maenner, DO, DC, of The Doctor’s House in West New York, New Jersey, provides comprehensive annual physicals that help patients stay as healthy as possible by evaluating disease risk and initiating early intervention. 

If you have health insurance, you may be able to have an annual physical at no charge. Here are five reasons that you should take advantage of this benefit and schedule this valuable visit. 

1. Establish a relationship with a trusted medical provider

Scheduling an annual physical allows you to establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with Dr. Maenner. This can help you protect your well-being. 

Individuals who establish a relationship with a primary care provider have 19% lower odds of dying prematurely than people who only turn to specialists when they need medical care. 

As your primary care provider, Dr. Maenner serves as your guide to the health care system. Having a relationship with him can help him evaluate your needs and the best way to meet them. 

During your physical, Dr. Maenner focuses on your wellness. It’s the perfect time to discuss concerns and ask questions about medications, treatment plans, and other issues that affect you today and over the coming year. 

By updating your medical history, discussing symptoms, and considering your concerns, Dr. Maenner determines your need for further assessment or treatment.

2. Receive an assessment of overall health

The thorough examination you receive during your physical is more comprehensive than an examination you receive during a sick visit. The specific details of your examination are tailored to your age and medical history.

A typical physical includes measurement of your body temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body weight, and height. It also includes a calculation of your body mass index (BMI) to determine your risk of obesity. 

Your muscle strength, nerves, balance, and reflexes are also observed. Dr. Maenner looks for physical indications of hidden illness by examining your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. He also feels your lymph nodes, examines your skin, and looks for signs of bumps or swelling.

Men are likely to receive a hernia exam, testicular exam, and prostate exam. Women may receive a pelvic exam and breast exam unless they visit an OB/GYN for reproductive health.

3. Stay current on vaccinations and boosters

Your annual physical is the best time to review your need for recommended vaccinations and boosters. The need for vaccinations varies based on age and medical history. 

All adults should receive a booster shot of tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine (Tdap) every 10 years after the initial dose. 

After age 50, Dr. Maenner may recommend that you receive a shingles vaccine. Adults over age 65 and all individuals with certain health conditions may need a pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine to protect against pneumococcal disease.

Depending on the time of year that you schedule your physical, you may receive your annual flu shot during your visit.

4. Receive guidance on the need for health screenings

As part of your physical, Dr. Maenner reviews your need for health screenings, which can help identify problems early when your chances for treatment and a cure are highest. During your visit, he provides instructions for completing these screenings based on your age, sex, and health:

Depending on your health, you may need more than one of these screenings. 

5. Establish goals to improve and maintain wellness

Your annual physical is an opportunity for Dr. Maenner to review your daily habits and lifestyle to confirm you’re making healthy choices that support disease prevention. 

By assessing your eating, drinking, exercise, and sleep patterns, Dr. Maenner recommends changes and guides you in establishing lifestyle modifications that support a healthier lifestyle. 

If you have a chronic illness, Dr, Maenner evaluates whether any adjustments in medication or care are needed to better manage your condition.

If you’re overdue for your annual physical, don’t delay in scheduling this important office visit. To book a physical, request an appointment online or call our office today.

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